“I Used to Have Fun, Now I Don’t.”

Welcome to coopsies, which I guess is what I’m calling this blog. Blog. Is anybody still doing this? Are there bloggers in 2018? Haven’t we pared The Discourse™ down to a toxic but ultimately digestible 280 characters? Isn’t an overwrought lamentation concerning the death of long-form amateurish navel gazing how the first posts of a million decaying .wordpress, .tumblr, .blogspot sites go since like 2003, when I first started blogging? It’s coming back to me, I think I am doing this correctly.

It costs $4 a month to have your own blog and you have to pay for a year up front. That’s pretty reasonable considering I spend $40 a week on cigarettes and Red Bull, and especially because there’s no advertising and I got my third choice for a .com domain name. Coops.com was unavailable, despite it not being a working webpage and owned by a realtor firm since 1996, and the son of a bitch that owns coopsy.com just points it to a decidedly unCoopsy branded blog with a test post and one post from July of last year that does that fake-ass hand-wringing agony thing about “the blank page” that writers who don’t write anything do (no offense intended to Christopher Cooper, allegedly an acclaimed Dr. Who novelist, owner of coopsy.com, and the present editor of Star Trek Magazine [?] but not at all a prolific blogger).

Creatives that domain squat should be locked in a guest bedroom with Kathy Bates, a wood block, and a sledgehammer. I wanted something snappy with less than three syllables, so I took coopsies.com for my blog. Necessity is the mother of the portmanteau or wordoid or whatever.

Cooper + Oopsie = Coopsies.

It’ll do, I guess. I already wrote a joke for it so we’re keeping it.

The goal here is to NOT end up like thesloth.co.uk eating up perfectly viable domain names as pointless redirection to a basic homepage with a test post, which is why I think paying up front for a year of this shit is kind of worth it. Now, I have to do something with it. I already paid for it. In the radio business, we’d call this all the “housekeeping” portion of today’s program. Moving on, what is this going to be, why am I doing it, who the fuck am I and how will it work?  Continue reading →